Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuck In My Head 1/16/11: Katy Perry- Teenage Dream

Jan 9th 2011 Early Daytime dream

I was in a bizarre mall that had no store labels or directions. Everything was slightly dark and the walls were black. The area where the stores were was a wide open, dark room with dips to random locations. I approached on dip and could see red stairs leading down to other stores.
I was looking for a specific dream (of which I cant remember) but I kept finding only bathrooms and exits. The bathrooms were peculiar in that they had no doors and only a small Y-Shaped hallway separated the mens room from the womens. The Mens urinals looked like poured metal jutting out of the black walls and there were no stalls or sinks that I can remember.
The primary colors of the mall were black, yellow, and red. The dream ended with me on an escalator traveling through a narrow hallway. The escalator steps would rise when they were lifting people over a hill and then fall when I was on a straight path. The now flat steps were coming to a point where they looked like they would crush me against a very low ceiling. Suddenly they dropped off, allowing passage.
The escalator was going very fast and there was a woman screaming behind me. I yelled back jokingly and awkwardly "Are you gonna be alright?" I received no answer, and said "I think I am going to be sick and throw up." I remember thinking how redundant that statement was, then I woke up.