Friday, March 4, 2011

Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks, and I sing Aerosmith- Surreal Dreams Vol 2

I am in a building with Taylor Swift, Jordin Sparks and 5 other guys. Inside the building looks like some sort of strange unfinished industrial building, there is a large elevator out of service (oddly there are no stairs though)  and a couple working elevators. On a platform-like elevator about 20 feet above the ground is Taylor Swift.She is telling me about her most recent purchases, which included a black hat and scarf. She models them for me and I tell her how sexy she looks.

Suddenly Jordin comes down on a second elevator lift right by Taylor. They are still both 20 feet above me and we talk about something I cant remember. Its implied that I am either dating, or having a sexual relationship with both of them. They say they need to go back upstairs and the elevators rise.

As they rise I start to sing Ragdoll by Aerosmith for some reason. The girls, who are upstairs now, can be heard singing with me. We start to alternate as we sing parts of the song. I notice about 5 men on the same level as me. The two furthest from me have long permed hair and are dressed like they came directly from the 80s.

As Taylor, Jordin, and I approach the chorus, the 80s men start to dance in unison. One is wearing a bright green shirt and suspenders, the other is wearing an orange collared shirt. I start to dance wildly and my coat slips off gradually. The song is almost over and I notice that green shirt guy is now sans shirt as he dances progressively more aggressive. I remember that he had a Scott Hall-like hairy chest.

We finish the song and everyone cheers wildly. Thats when I wake up. Wtf?

Im not racist if I dream about banging a black chick right?

80s Guy in a nutshell

<3 Hearts are manly right? RIGHT?!