Monday, April 26, 2010

Sex and God

I was reading online today a study that suggested that foreplay is a dying art. To me this just seems sad. We are at a point culturally where it is more acceptable to say, "Yes I am sexually active" but we still cant fully enjoy sex. Sex, to me, is the most intimate act one human can have with another. We are at our most vulnerable, as such shouldn't the act, and everything leading to it, get special attention?

Sex and Sexuality

What I'll never understand in human civilization is the secretiveness that sex has. You are expected to, for the most part, to keep your sex life private. This is something I don't believe in. Sex is a freeing act, its one in where mutual happiness and pleasure can be reached, and it is the purest form of expression in my eyes. So why hide it? Sure I don't think that we should all just go have sex on the streets, but why hide a beautiful body? Maybe I'm just European in that sense, I don't know.

I also dislike that certain parts of our evolution still exist, for instance the whole idea of the "asshole" getting the girl. This mentality makes sense from a primitive aspect, but it is 2010. Society has all but shed primitive evolutionary needs, yet, we still fall back into this one.

Another thing that bugs me is the hatred for homosexuals. I believe that if you are lucky enough to know who and what you want, you should go for it and not worry about the norm. I fear its mainly because of the religious right in this country. I hope that one day, when this country matures, we can stop vilifying sex.

I really just dislike that God interferes so much in American lifestyles and society. I hope to see the day where I might be able to just enjoy life for what it is, instead of worrying about what someone elses god wants me to do.

This is also going to be a short blog, as I am currently busy looking for work. If you like this or any other blog please let me know. If you have criticism I would love to read it. Also look for my group on Facebook: The Sexiest Geek You Know. Many thanks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Religion is Bullshit

Faith, and any faith based system is untouchable. Mainly because if you believe something, there is almost nothing I can do to dissuade you from believing that. But, being the stubborn person that I am, I will try anyway. This blog will focus more on Christianity than anything, but only due to my own knowledge of the subject.

The Bible
Clearly an article of fiction, even most logical Christians will concede that most the stories are just stories for how you should live your life. These stories are generally not meant to be taken literally. Of course there are many things in the bible that specifically state that they are literal. I will list a few of them:

Man cant lay with other man- Makes sense right? God doesn't like gay people. But why did he create them in the first place then?

Stone disobedient children- This one is a bit extreme. Spanking? Sure. But actually throwing rocks at them? Seems a little primitive.

Its OK to sell your daughter into slavery- This one is so ludicrous I cant bring myself to comment. If any actual parent thought this is a good idea, they should have their genitalia removed, lest they create more cash cows to burden the world with.

Working on Sunday=death- Apparently God is a big fan of the Sabbath. I mean if I created the universe in six days I'd want to rest too. But He also expects us to rest as well? Sorry we cant live up to the standards of a benevolent bearded man in the sky.

Men cant have long hair, it "Shall be a shame on them"- Aren't pretty much all depictions of Christ of the long haired variety?

Men should not go near women when they are menstruating- Pardon me God if I don't go around asking women whether or not Aunt Flo is in town. Personally I don't want to know unless I am actively having sex with you.

My question with all of these is how can Christians pick and choose what to believe? You cant say "God hates fags" but not support "Selling your daughters" It doesn't work like that. But I suppose that faith gets a buy doesn't it?

Noah's Ark is another thing about the bible that just pisses me off. Noah's Ark is quite frankly embarrassing for anyone that wants to read it literally. I understand the general idea of it. But I have actually witnessed people saying that Noah's Ark is literal. I'm sorry but that is impossible. There are 20 billion species on earth now, even today's technology wouldn't be able to create a boat big enough for that many creatures. But I guess with God on your side you don't need logic or technology, do you?

As an afterthought I will say, I love the idea of God. An omnipotent ever-loving being always watching me and making sure I am OK is great. But the fact remains, there is no evidence for God. Does that mean he doesn't exist? No. But ask yourself this, if he really existed why wouldn't he say he did. I leave with a favorite quote of mine:
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

- Epicurus [341–270 B.C.]

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Mobile Blog!

Who the hell still writes checks? I'm standing in line behind an old lady who wrote a $7 check.You'd think she'd be in a hurry, she doesn't have long to live.

As an afterthought to the 160 character limit blog, I hate when cell phone limit characters I can send in a text. Its so arbitrary!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Triumphs, My Mistakes

I am Bryan Merritt, and this is my blog. If you here its either because you are my friend, or you find me interesting enough to give me 5 minutes of your life. Incidentally the same could be said for the women I have slept with. But that's a different topic, for another day. The point is you're here, and I thank you for that.

I decided to start a blog mainly as a sort of therapy for myself. Despite my sometimes over inflated ego, I have a lot of issues. I don't really think I have a unique vision of the world or anything, but I would like a record of my life and thoughts. So here goes, first topic.

True Equality

True equality is something most everyone claims they want. Unfortunately this is something we can never reach in a capitalist society. Inequality will always exist in some fashion, whether it be because of the color of your skin, your sex, or how much money you have in your wallet. Sure we have a black president, but do you think we will ever have a gay one? How about an atheist? I didn't think so. I think we need to move past labels such as these. The problem is, how can we? We are hardwired to notice peoples differences and make assumptions based on them. When you are driving through a bad part of any given town you don't see a random black man and assume he is walking to his job, you see his house and neighborhood and assume he is up to no good. Another issue for every person that bucks preconceived notions, there is another that doesn't mind them. Some blacks use their reputation to be lazy, where as if they wanted to truly be equal they wouldn't act in such a manner. As much as I would love equality, its not a realistic goal. Its much like Communism in that its great in theory, but when you throw people into the equation it will inevitably fail.

One way we can start moving on the right path to equality is to get rid of the labels we put upon ourselves and others. Judge everyone my their merits, not by the color of their skin, or whats between their legs. It shouldn't matter if I am a gay, black, atheist, so long as I am positively contributing to society who cares?

Anyway, since this is my first blog I will stop myself from getting too verbose. Please read and feel free to comment. One of the reasons I am doing this is to have a safe outlet where people can talk about these things without fear of reprisal. That being said, any blatant flaming or trolling will be deleted.