Monday, April 26, 2010

Sex and God

I was reading online today a study that suggested that foreplay is a dying art. To me this just seems sad. We are at a point culturally where it is more acceptable to say, "Yes I am sexually active" but we still cant fully enjoy sex. Sex, to me, is the most intimate act one human can have with another. We are at our most vulnerable, as such shouldn't the act, and everything leading to it, get special attention?

Sex and Sexuality

What I'll never understand in human civilization is the secretiveness that sex has. You are expected to, for the most part, to keep your sex life private. This is something I don't believe in. Sex is a freeing act, its one in where mutual happiness and pleasure can be reached, and it is the purest form of expression in my eyes. So why hide it? Sure I don't think that we should all just go have sex on the streets, but why hide a beautiful body? Maybe I'm just European in that sense, I don't know.

I also dislike that certain parts of our evolution still exist, for instance the whole idea of the "asshole" getting the girl. This mentality makes sense from a primitive aspect, but it is 2010. Society has all but shed primitive evolutionary needs, yet, we still fall back into this one.

Another thing that bugs me is the hatred for homosexuals. I believe that if you are lucky enough to know who and what you want, you should go for it and not worry about the norm. I fear its mainly because of the religious right in this country. I hope that one day, when this country matures, we can stop vilifying sex.

I really just dislike that God interferes so much in American lifestyles and society. I hope to see the day where I might be able to just enjoy life for what it is, instead of worrying about what someone elses god wants me to do.

This is also going to be a short blog, as I am currently busy looking for work. If you like this or any other blog please let me know. If you have criticism I would love to read it. Also look for my group on Facebook: The Sexiest Geek You Know. Many thanks.

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