Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SexyDaily 3

Girl Scouts of America- Pro Abortion Feminist Training Corp?
Apparently a Republican candidate for congress name Hans Zeiger has gotten some flak because he claims that the girl scouts are pro abortion lesbians. He goes on to write that “The girl scouts allow homosexuals and atheists to join their ranks, and they have become a pro abortion feminist training corp. If the Girl Scouts of America cant get back to training real character perhaps it will be time to look for cookies elsewhere.”
Dont we as Americans have enough on our plate already without adding this bullshit to the mix? It really bugs me that any candidate can say this kind of shit and get away with it. Also is this what really matters to anyone. If someone is a pro abortion Atheist, who care? Oh yea thats right, Conservative Republicans. I could rant for days about the GOP.
If you want to read more follow the link below:
I plan on doing more blogs like this in the future. Some will have videos, and some will just be new snippets that I have found and think are ridiculous or amusing.


  1. Wow. That is horrible. Thanks for the read, though! Certainly made me shake my head at the state of the Republican Party.

  2. I agree. Its a sad state of affairs for sure.

  3. Hans Zeigar sounds like a dick. Just because they don't exclude homosexuals and atheists (the boy scouts do, most of the time,) then they have become a "feminist, pro-abortion training corporation?"

    Someone needs to go up to this guy and kick him in the balls.

  4. its a shame the republican party allows this, i hope they get their shit together

  5. interestering, i'm from aus. same sort of thing happens here, i feel you buddy.

  6. doubt they will ever get their shit together