Monday, May 3, 2010

My Struggle

As I sit and try to think of what to blog about, one thing sticks out in my mind. There are a few universal truths, that have shaped my world and mind.

1- There is ALWAYS someone else out there for you that is better then who you are with now, but thats not the point in life. I see people all the time looking for the next best person and it seems pointless. They get new boyfriends/girlfriends, but keep the same friends. Seems to me that we should all strive to not treat others as a commodity.

2- When times are good, enjoy them. Because life will invariably have something really shitty waiting around the corner for you.

3- People flock to other people that look like they are successful, whether they are or not. A little bit of confidence and swagger will get you far in life. This is a lesson I wish I would have learned young. Just be comfortable with yourself.

4- Know yourself, without this you will never be truly happy. Know what you want and don't want out of life. More importantly, if you are getting something you don't want in life, fucking change it! Don't bitch that your life sucks, because most of the time it sucks because of the choices you have made.

5- Life is the most precious thing you own, don't waste it doing something you don't love. There was a long period in my life where I truly felt like leaving the world, but not only is that selfish, its foolish. It goes back to the point that even if things suck now, they wont always be that way. Even though a lot about my life sucks right now, my mind is in the best place its ever been.

6- Try not to idolize others. Its one thing to say that you'd like to be more like that person, its another to try to be that person.

7- Take risks. The best things in life come from taking a chance on something. Sure it could fail, but it is better to try and fail then to fail to try.

I leave with a quote that rings true for me: "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

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