Thursday, May 27, 2010

So a cop, a lawyer, and a zombie walk into a bar....

I have been walking with him for about three miles now. This cop, with his gun and his badge. This cop with his bad attitude and reckless disregard. Cant say that i blame him though. When the zombies came the only rule of law was who had the bigger gun. So cop trumps lawyer. As we walk down this desolate road, barren of anything but abandoned vehicle, a shambling husk approaches us from a broke down yellow hummer. The cop easily dispatches him. 'six bullets left' he spits as he lowers his weapon, with the zombie dropping just as quick.

"Where did you say you were going?" the cop asked me. "I didn't" I said feeling bold. "Well you can go back to town if you'd like, pussy" he said bluntly. In that moment i noticed the sunken features of the mans crater like face. He wasn't some young hotshot cop. This man had seen and done things I couldn't imagine

"I'm heading home." I said, deciding it was best to give the dog with the gun a bone. The cop spat as I finished. "Home?" he questioned. "Home don't exist no more." as he spoke my heart dropped. I knew it to be true, I saw it on the news before I left town. Chicago was one of the first cities to fall. Too many people to escape properly. But I couldn't give up, my beautiful Milla wouldn't give up on me. "My wife and son wouldn't give up on me" I said, abruptly ending the silence that had fallen thick like fog.

"Ahh. a woman, now that makes more sense." He said as his features took a softer appearance. "You know Chicago has fallen right?" He finished. Somehow him saying it made it feel more real. "Maybe she made it, if anyone could make it, it was Milla." I pleaded, trying desperately to convince myself. "Maybe you're right, he started as we hopped over a couple cars crashed into a roadblock. "I'm going to Chicago to see if any of the police department made it out." He said with a smirk. "And if they didn't I'm taking their guns."

As he said this two more shambling dead stumble towards us. They were elderly, and they looked a lot like my neighbors. The cop sighed as he shot two well placed shots. Brain matter sprawled on the road behind the couple as they fell. "Four left" he declared as he checked the bodies for anything useful. "Just money" he shouted as I got a little ahead of him, I couldn't waste any time. Up ahead the road turned sharply, with a giant patch of trees to both sides. "Alright lets be careful." The cop whispered as we slowly rounded the trees. Up ahead a beacon shone, an abandoned Harley sat running.

We both looked to each other and started to run towards it. As we did undead poured from the trees like sap. We continued to run but they were closing on us. It was clear they'd catch us before we got to the bike. The cop looked to me with a sullen look. "I'm sorry" he said to me as we ran. "Sorry for wh.." I tried to say, but it was no use. Two bullets ripped through my throat as i fell convulsing.

The cop ran ahead and yelled, "two left" the zombies started to close on me as I realized why he did it. I was bait, a means to an end. He sacrificed me so that he could live. As my eyes closed and the hoard descended upon me I saw him mount the bike. He sped off in an instant. All I could think of was Milla as twilight took me. I suddenly hoped there was a god as I exhaled for the last time

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