Sunday, July 18, 2010

We all dun goofed- An argument against Net Neutrality

A scary realization came to me today. As I was still laughing about the Jessi Slaughter thing (If you don't know about it, youtube it) I thought "What if this were me? What if this were my sister and family?" That notion is a little scary to me. Anon was successful in making this girls (Yes girl, no matter what she does she is only 11) life a living hell.

This got me thinking of my stance on net neutrality. I was thinking about how I love that anonymous can exist, but its scary that something like this could happen. If your younger sister had this happen to you how would you feel? Even if "she deserved it" it'd still be terrible. We make allowances when our family fucks up that we wouldn't otherwise.

I also want to say that I do think the memes that arose from this are funny. But those are all from Jessi's father. Quite frankly he was angry and not that intelligent. Those are two things that, when combined, equal lulz for sure. But aren't the implications of this a little scary? What if you did something to earn the ire of Anon, would you want your family going through all this shit?

I am still for net neutrality, but stuff like this will be used against us. We will lose our online rights because a group of Internet Black Knights decided to make an example out of an 11 year old. Consider that next time you dun goof, or the consequences will never be the same.

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