Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breaking Bad Season 1, Episode 1 review.

Breaking Bad is now on its third season and has had a lot of praise from critics. I decided to give it a shot because I like Bryan Cranston and wanted to see him in something dramatic.

The episode starts off setting the stage very nicely, Walter White (Played by Bryan Cranston) is a 50 year old high school chemistry teacher. He is a meek man, who seems incapable of standing up for himself. His wife, Skyler White (Played by Anna Gunn) is pregnant with the couples second child. Their first child, Walter White, Jr suffers from Cerebral Palsy and has speech and motor problems, for which he uses crutches. The White family seems to be a good group of characters with a lot of development potential.

Throughout the first half of the episode there is many mentions of Walters diminished health. He has a bit of a nagging cough and a cholesterol issue. This is to foreshadow the eventual reveal of his sickness. While working at his second job at a car wash he collapses, the scene cuts to him in an ambulance. I enjoyed this scene because throughout it, he is more concerned with his family worrying about him then his illness. He decides to keep his fall secret. In the hospital he learns he has terminal lung cancer. Even with chemo he only has about two years to live. This was awesome because it was like the show was putting a time limit on itself. I think more shows would be better off in this way.
Walter, now feeling close to the edge quits his second job at the car wash, leaving in a dramatic and awesome way that I am sure a lot of people could identify with. He goes on a drug bust with his brother in law, a DEA agent named Hank Schrader (Played by Dean Norris). The realization of his own mortality pushes him to seek a little excitement in his life. During the bust Walter is left alone in the DEA SUV, he sees a kid climbing down from the neighbors window. Intrigued he looks closer, it is a former student of his named Jesse Pinkman (Played by Aaron Paul). Hank tracks the escaped drug dealer to his house and explains a business proposal, he wants to start making and selling crystal meth. Presumably to leave something more behind for his family, who still don't know about his illness.

I wont go any farther into the episode, but this sets the stage and introduces all the characters. So far I love this show and it will be on my must watch list for sure.

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